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Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning and Memory

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Why does our subjective experience of the world feel structured when, in fact, it is continuous? How do our internal and external states influence this structure? Research in the lab seeks to understand how we learn the structure of our environments and how we use that structure to organize our memories and guide our decisions. Using neuroimaging methods, we investigate how neural representations both mirror and distort the structure of the external world, and how that influences our behavior.

Some active areas of research include:

  • When and how do we detect meaningful change points in our environment?

  • How can we use memory to maintain continuity across change points?

  • In what situations can we learn to multitask and what are the consequences for memory?

  • How do learning and memory processes influence our subjective sense of time?

  • How do affective and motivational states influence the organization of memory?

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